Week 16 Master Keys

Spiritual Power as the Source of Success

Exercising the power of thought creates the mental image which helps realize a condition  we wish to manifest in our lives.  And as Haanel points out, it is the feeling in our thoughts that energizes the thought  to eventually produce the result we seek.  By realizing our spiritual nature, and our unity with the Universal Mind, everything necessary for our complete enjoyment will be  brought about.


Now is the Time Call Forth the Greatness

Week 15

Lesson 15 tells me I am ready Now, and Now is the time to call forth my greatness.  Turns out, I have been great all along, just not aware til now.  Learning to celebrate my uniqueness I focus on quality and generosity this week–and as I see it in others’, it is reinforced in me.  ‘I am effortlessly becoming aware and changing,’ as Mark teaches.   My powers of observation increase, noting examples of virtue and positive behavior in others.  More and more, the feelings of love connect with my thoughts, and make possible manifesting a favorable condition.

The reading this week in par. 36 helps remind me that knowledge to be useful, must be applied to the principle, and that principle for me is abundance































becoming aware and changing’, as Mark says

One with the Universe

Week 14

In a previous weekly lesson, I first became aware of Gratitude, and its power toopen up my ability to realize its impact for folding it into my daily life through the written expressions.  I am now the co-creator of  my new reality–one based on Gratitude.  I am so taken with what an uplifting declaration each is.  I bring positive feelings into my thoughts, as I plant the seeds for  positive expectation

Week 13- Persistence and NARC

Persistence at the traction point–describes what is so valuable to me in achieving my weekly sales goals.  I learn to refocus on the 4 tiny habits, to make sure I am using them to help me bring about the positive results I am expecting.

The introduction of NARC and the Law of Dual Thought brings a new and powerful resource to me that is an exciting way to charge up and move forward with prospecting activity.

Week 12 Ramping up

I have begun putting the Mind Gym exercises into my health clubworkout, and finding the coordination of both sides stimulating.  I go from Do it Now’ to ‘I can be what I want to be’, as I visualize the shapes.  At home I can perform the same, and with music.

The big takeaway from Lesson 12 is Intensifying the feeling around the thought –adding to it with the 5 senses, gaining more clarity and emotion.  This I now practice.

The 50 minute exercise at first seemed silly, now I realize it is the way to reinforce thru feeling and repetition the preferred impact on subbie.

As I am now learning, combining thought and love as the irresistible force ensure my actions are coming from love and understanding.



Week 11

Day 3

I revisit replays 2 and 3 of Finding Your Purpose, and the card exercises which

give meaning to my self expression, and expand the thinking I do to dig deeper

and find the nuggets that have have long been hidden.

Day 4

Og introduces us to Scroll 3 and Persistence—so I now learn to persist,

and the importance of practicing my persistence.

Did my Self Test and have lowered my score 5 points—yay!




Week 8 MasterKeys

Day 4

Rehearsing my Giving and Receiving card provides a good connection

to my channels and a reminder that it needs to be repeated regularly.

Day 5

Re-visiting the OATS formula from the need to work within a system of organization

that can permit the proper scheduling of productive activity in my week.